Samsung self repair services

Samsung to soon start new self-repair program for Galaxy users in the US

Samsung provides first-class services to customers across the country, the company continues to provide customers with easy and convenient exchange services to streamline their devices, promote business travel and reduce e-waste.

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Recently, Samsung Electronics USA announced earlier this summer that owners of Galaxy devices could repair Samsung’s most popular models, the Galaxy S20 and S21 family of devices, and the Galaxy Tab S7 +.

Samsung self repair services

Samsung First Self Repair Program:

The Galaxy users have access to real device components, repair tools, and intuitive, visual, step-by-step repair guides. Samsung is partnering with iFixit, a leading online repair community in this program. More details will be shared once self-repair becomes available.

To begin with, Galaxy owners will be able to change the device composition, wallpaper, and charging port – and return the device to Samsung for a recycling charge. In the future, Samsung plans to expand itself from our product portfolio to a wide range of products to more devices.

Samsung has a vast network of one-day services covering 80% of the United States population, where users can access more than 2,000 locations for mobile products. Samsung has more than 550 ‘we’ got you ‘vans offering personalized service in a 30-60 minute drive – and repair times are usually two hours or less.

In addition, customers can also drop their packages at the local UPS store. The Galaxy smartphone owners can extend the life of their devices with Samsung’s wide range of care options, including:

  • In-person, Same Day Service
  • We Come To You Service
  • Independent Service Providers (ISP)

Sustainability is paramount at Samsung Mission, from our products to our behavior and operations. In addition to core services, Samsung facilitates the recycling of unused technology in more than 1,700 drop-off locations nationwide. Samsung invites people to join us in making daily changes that make a meaningful impact.