Samsung shows off wonderful Micro LED display techs at ISE 2022

At Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2022 Samsung Electronics is going to present the future of Micro LED technology in Barcelona. The company has represented three refreshing models from its State of the art display, The Wall.

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According to the information, The Wall with model name IWB will be introduced by the comapny at ISE 2022, which has an immersive and large screen. The IWB is 0.63 and the 0.94-pixel pitch is the slimmest of all the Micro LEDs.

The Wall All in One is available in model name IAB, which is offered in three different variants, 4K 146-inch, 2K 146-inch, and 2K 110-inch. The Wall has a 16:9 form factor and is the only product by Samsung that is only sold by the screen.

Further, the new line of Micro LED is very versatile that is adapting to the new era extending its reach from the charging station to the hybrid classroom and office conference room. These Micro LEDs are exemplifying Samsung’s ongoing experiments in creating solutions that include contactless communication, and improved safety features.

The thinness of the display is 49mm and comes to 59mm after complete installation. Additionally equipped with the Black Seal technology and Micro AI Processor. One of the most interesting things is that two 4K 146-inch screens can be installed together to build a 32:9 form factor model.