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Samsung should follow Apple’s way of updating phones

Apple releases updates to all eligible devices at once, so that eliminates the headache of waiting your turn. Apple iPhone users are lucky as they experience the same behavior from the company whether they own an older series or the latest.

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Well, cleverly Apple releases its updates for the iPhone pre-planned. In case you didn’t know Apple only sends its security patch update for iPhone smartphones in one day.

On the other hand, Samsung is releasing security updates gradually in certain regions, starting with the latest smartphones or tablets. Additionally, as long as the old phone is acquitted of the monthly update, the month goes by.

Why does Samsung not follow the security policy of Apple? what is your opinion, are you happy to wait for your turn to receive a security update. Or Samsung should follow the way of security updates released like Apple and Google.

apple samsung

No doubt Samsung always leads to the rollout of the security patch, but By the time it reaches all the devices, the month is over and companies like Apple and Google are free to release updates in a single day. With the June 2022 security update too, Samsung comes first to release the update for its eligible devices.