Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Samsung should bring iPhone-like physical mute button for Galaxy phones

samsung phone

Samsung and Google are two such companies that always have a face-off in terms of technology and feature, and there are several phones in the smartphone market that is launched with awesome feature while competing in the market and providing tough competition to each other.

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These two brands Samsung and Google has a wide range of products and one of them is smartphone these brand provide the phone with a bigger display, fast processor, and batteries. They also provide us with refined and improved software and provide us with the latest updates from time to time.

Additionally, the other smartphone manufacturing companies that are launching their phones in the present day are giving neck-to-neck competition in terms of features and specifications. This is creating a bit of noise in the market. Global smartphone brands should not lose their individuality and uniqueness.

As we know iPhones have a physical mute button but the owners using Samsung and Google phones seem to be dissatisfied with these OEMs as they are losing their originality. One such notable and useful physical feature is a mute switch. Even the killer flagships like Apple have not yet stopped providing the physical mute switch.

I know that muting a phone is a very easy task. You can do it just by unlocking your phone, Swipe, and tapping on a couple of buttons and it’s done. In the same way, if we talk about the physical mute it is simply a great facility that was earlier provided by Samsung and Google for the purpose.

samsung phone

The Android setup is becoming mature day by day, but have you thought about the user’s convenience. Presently the smartphone manufacturers are ruining this. So I think they should take care of the users, which provides them with a sense that is full of comfort.

To maintain the authenticity and individuality of the phone Samsung and Google should bring them back. Because looking at today’s scenario these physical features are still very useful. As they help us to do the operation in a single go. What do you think about the physical mute button let us know your views in the comments below.

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