Samsung semiconductor martke

Samsung semiconductor market expected to grow by 19% in 2022

Recently, Samsung Electro-Mechanics participated in the general meeting of the Korea Substrate Semiconductor Packaging Industry Association (KPCA) held in Incheon, Korea on March 24, 2022.

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‘THEELEC’ reported all the main highlights, facts, and figures from the general meeting. KPCA predicted that its domestic semiconductor market will grow 19% this year. At the meeting, Jeong Cheol-dong, current chairman of KPCB, and the semiconductor packaging association released some more of the expected sales figures related to the sales of Samsung Electro-mechanics, LG Innotek, and Daeduck Electronics.

Samsung semiconductor martke

In a meeting, he spoke about the market growth of the semiconductor substrates division, which may grow 7% over the previous year.

At this meeting, Chung Cheol-dong, president of LG Innotek, was elected as the 8th Korean president. The current president of Samsung Electronics, Chung Cheol-dong, will take over as the next president, and he said, “We will enhance the association’s external status by strengthening the PCB ecosystem between large and small businesses and improving relations with the government.”

Some Key Highlights:

  • This year’s growth will be concentrated on semiconductor substrates.
  • With the expansion of 5G penetration aims to downsize the 5G Substrate and increase its production looking at the present demand.
  • Association will focus on automotive substrates, which is expected to raise the revenue due to the increasing demands of finished car sales.
  • KPCA cited continuous unit price cuts and raw material price hikes, to be one of the problems in substrate production.
  • The flexible substrate market is to grow by 2% YoY.
  • RF-PCB shipments for camera module to remain at the same level, but will continue to progress gradually.
  • Found that there is a short supply of semiconductor substrate due to data center expansion and growing needs for substrates needed for increasing Artificial-Intelligence capabilities, and more.