samsung galaxy s22

Samsung sales representatives are reportedly working without any pay

When the Samsung Galaxy S22, a pre-order for Samsung phones on, was released earlier this year, the site became a factory to confuse customers, and in many cases, orders were not fulfilled.

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Many consumers have been able to contact a Samsung web representative using an online chat tool. People who work on these chats work on a platform that facilitates online chat portals like Samsung and Ibbu.

However, these workers are hired to do one thing – sell the product. Of course, they will only be paid for when the customer they are communicating with purchases.

samsung galaxy s22

Apparently, as the site deteriorated, many of those agents became customer support representatives, not sales representatives. However, they will not be paid by that time because they are not selling.

According to a recent research report from The Verge, this is an ongoing and growing problem. Samsung and Ibbu are laying off employees who are there to do unpaid customer support work just to earn sales commissions.

The report states that Samsung is sending all requests to I to comment on the situation, especially trying to pass the gassing. Technically, the people who work with Ibbu are not independent contractors and Samsung employees, so Samsung is trying to stay out of the situation.

Users who still have any suspense or doubt you read the full context that Samsung and Ibu are essentially abusing the time of unpaid workers.