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Samsung reportedly starts mass production of Galaxy Z Fold 4’s S Pen

Although Samsung added S Pen support to the Galaxy Z Fold lineup with the Galaxy Z Fold 3 years ago, the company did not provide an integrated S Pen in the device. Therefore, consumers need to purchase a Samsung S Pen case to bring the S Pen Fold Edition with them.

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Also, Samsung does not ship this device with the S Pen Fold variant, which makes the whole package more expensive. However, Samsung is currently planning to unveil the S Pen integration in the future Galaxy Z Fold 4.

samsung Z fold


Galaxy Z Fold 4’s S Pen mass production begins

A recent tweet by a well-known tipster Mukul Sharma suggests that the Galaxy Z Fold 4’s S Pen has finally entered mass production. According to him, the new S Pen has started production in several Eurasian countries. The details are minimal, but it’s interesting that there’s an S Pen specifically for this foldable phone.

Looking ahead to the recent report, Samsung is really looking to keep a separate space for the S Pen in the Galaxy Z Fold 4. Doing so would undoubtedly be a technical achievement.

To do this, Samsung will have to make some compromises to make it fit. The new foldable is set to launch in August of this year, so there is still some time left. Till then, we can wait and watch what will be the final glance of the upcoming Galaxy Z Fold 4.