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Samsung QD-OLED display panel output exceed 75%

Samsung Display recently announced that the company has achieved a 75% recovery from QD OLED panels. It is not easy for a company to advertise its products. It unveiled its QD OLED panel in a statement in the company’s internal newsletter.

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Samsung Display began delivering QD-OLED panels in November 2021 from its Asan campus in South Chungchiang Province. Currently, it completes 30,000 pages of QD-OLED panels per month, which can produce approximately 1 million units of 55- and 65-inch TVs per year.

samsung Micro LED

Dell is one of the key customers of the company QD-OLED monitor. It is also in talks with Asus, Lenovo, and HP. Its TV panel users are Samsung and Sony. Sony will unveil the QD-OLED TV model in June 2022, while Samsung’s QD-OLED TV will be released earlier this month.

Last month, Samsung began accepting pre-orders for QD-OLED TVs through its US subsidiary. The factory price is US $2,199.99 (approximately 2.65 million won) for the 55-inch model and the US $2,999.99 (approximately 3.62 million won) for the 65-inch model.

Samsung plans to launch QD-OLED TV models first in the United States and then in Asia, including Korea and Europe. Despite industry insiders predicting that Samsung will introduce QD-OLED TVs as a flagship product in the first half of 2022, the online Samsung Global New TV model showcase revealed QD-OLED TVs late last month.

Under these circumstances, some Samsung Display employees have expressed concern about the competitiveness of QD-OLED panels. To address these concerns the company has clearly disclosed its QD-OLED panel yield.