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Samsung One UI 5.0 should pack with internet speed meter in status bar 

‘Internet Speed’ works to monitor the stability of the connection by showing the internet speed in the status bar. But being a Samsung Galaxy user it’s a little disappointing that the Galaxy phone didn’t have any built-in feature that indicates the internet speed.

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Meanwhile, the flagship One UI 4.1 update brings a lot of new and interesting features for the users but it lacks the internet speed display in the status bar which has been in demand since the release of One UI 3.

Track the internet speed while using the smartphone help to monitor the network stability of connection by displaying in the status bar. Disappointedly, Samsung Galaxy smartphones have no native network speed display feature.

However, Samsung Galaxy users have to use a third-party application to monitor the speed of the internet. Users are demanding the Samsung native internet speed in the status bar for the Galaxy phones.

samsung galaxy phone

The forthcoming One UI 5.0 update is expected to fill the gap in the user’s concerns and demands. The should be an inbuilt option in Samsung phones to display internet speed in the status bar including the midrange models too.