samsung Monitor M8

Samsung One UI 4.1 Tip: How to use Samsung DeX on your Smart Monitor?

Samsung’s best and most valuable of the Galaxy smartphones and tablets is the Samsung DeX, which allows you to expand your cell phone to the big screen, creating a computer-like experience. When your device is connected to the screen, you can run on multiple applications and switch between windows at the same time, just like a computer.

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Basically, One UI 4.1-based Samsung DeX needs an HDMI adapter to connect your Galaxy phone or tablet to your monitor. But on the latest Samsung mobile devices like the Galaxy S22 line, rugged Tab Active 3 and the new Galaxy Z Fold 3 5G – which offers three-in-one device integration – allows you to connect DeX wirelessly to any screen.

samsung Monitor M8

It supports Miracast‌, allowing for a more seamless work experience. It works well for Samsung Smart TVs or any other presentation that requires a wider canvas. For a more traditional desktop experience, Samsung has also introduced a new smart monitor that supports wireless DeX.

With the help of a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse, you may now have a streamlined DeX setup to power up during your working day without having to boot the PC or connect the cable. However, if you do not have a Smart Monitor or Miracast-enabled display, you can still use DeX.

If you want to take advantage of wireless DeX, here’s how to set it up on your smart monitor:

Setting up Samsung DeX on your Samsung Smart Monitor

  • Start by plugging in and turning on your smart monitor.
  • Using the remote or physical buttons on the monitor, select the Source option and select Screen Mirroring.
  • On your Galaxy device, open the Quick menu by dragging and dropping the screen, then press the DeX option.
  • In the DeX menu, select “DeX on TV or Monitor”.
  • Searches for displays are available to connect your Galaxy device. When you see your smart monitor appear, tap on it.
  • And that’s it! You should now see the DeX logo on your smart monitor and you may be working properly.

If DeX is enabled, you can use your mobile device as a touchpad. But for a real desktop-like experience, you might want to add a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse.

Samsung DeX vs Screen Mirroring

You may have seen other smartphones that offer screen mirroring, but screen mirroring works differently from the DX. With normal screen mirroring, your device’s screen is duplicated on another display – still maintaining its original size and layout.

But with DeX, your second display offers a desktop-like experience, while your smartphone works independently. These dual screens allow you to use DeX for more than just sharing a presentation or multimedia on a large monitor. Instead, you can work independently, just like on a desktop PC.

Additionally, if you want to do more without connecting to an external display, Samsung Galaxy tablets like the Galaxy Tab S8 line can switch to the DeX experience by pressing the button. With Samsung DeX, you can work on any desk – take your most important work with you. And with the new wireless options, DeX can take your day-to-day productivity even further.