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Samsung One UI 4.1 Tip: How AI Stereo Depth Map works on Galaxy S22?

Since the launch of the Galaxy S22 series, users have been thinking about its features. And now, we have our hands on the latest Galaxy S22 series, including the Galaxy S22, S22 Plus, and the most powerful Galaxy S22 Ultra. So, we can say independently that Samsung has done a great job, whether it’s hardware or everything is very good about software.

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One of the things that look better than last year is the camera. While the Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22 Plus have new sensors, the Galaxy S22 Ultra has also been greatly improved in terms of both hardware and software. One of the highlights of the new AI UI 4.1-based stereo depth map from the Galaxy S22 series.

Samsung One UI 4.1-based AI Stereo Depth Map is one of the many new cameras in the Galaxy S22 series of smartphones this year. It is a software-based feature that relies on AI algorithms to improve image output when an image is clicked using one of our Galaxy S22 series smartphones.

Samsung One UI 4.1-based AI Stereo Depth Map

Artificial intelligence (AI) plays a major role in this. Samsung is using AI algorithms to create an Advanced Depth Map of the scene you are about to capture on your Galaxy S22 smartphone. The depth map is used to accurately calculate the distance between the different elements in the frame and your smartphone camera.

For those who use portrait mode images, you will definitely admire this feature. When taking pictures in portrait mode, the camera applies an artificial background blur to create a separation between the subject and the background.

Galaxy S22

Occasionally, the blur is not very accurate because the depth of intake received by the software is not accurate. As a result, some items such as hair, glasses, clothing parts, etc. become blurred in the background.

Samsung has solved this issue by bringing its advanced AI Stereo Depth Map feature. It maps out small elements that are not in focus and ensures that they are in focus with the subject. The whole idea of ​​this feature is to never end up with focus shots or parts of a blurry image.

This is one of the many new camera features introduced with the Samsung Galaxy S22 series. Features like these can make smartphone photographers lean towards the new Galaxy S22 Ultra, especially as the Galaxy S21 Ultra is one of the most versatile camera phones and reinforces the concept of the Galaxy S22 Ultra.