samsung messages app update

Samsung One UI 4.1 Message app, Know your Message app settings

Samsung Message app is a simple and effective application, with a neat and clean interface. It keeps you in touch with all your contacts using the messages app on your phone. I am using the phone since my childhood, and I have witnessed the visionary changes in the messaging app from cell phones to a smartphone.

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Earlier, it was not that easy to share photos, send emojis, or just say even a quick hello, along with the sticker. There are many things that you can do with the messages, like mute the conversation or assign a special message tone for your selective contacts.

Firstly open the Message app on your phone, and then tap the desired conversation. Tap More options and tap on three verticle dots, then tap on notification sound. Next, choose the suitable notification sound for that conversation. There are many more things that you can do with this app. Let us discuss them one by one.

samsung messages app update

Message customization – Samsung has supported you, and it empowers you to change its appearance. You can customize the way your messages appear. If you want to change your font for messages, you can do it by adjusting your phone’s font settings.

Finally you are eligible to set custom wallpapers or background colors for the individual message threads. tap on more options, the same three vertical dots. Click on customize wallpaper or customize chat room. Here, opt for the Gallery icon, and choose the image, or else you simply choose the color to change the background color.

Know your Message app settings

  • Search: Used to find message threads, that you are looking for
  • Delete: Touch and hold a message you want to delete, then you can tick on messages you want to delete
  • Marking the Message: Tap and hold the chat bubble that you want to add to star or favorite.
  • Block messages: You can block the unwanted message sender because it may irritate you if you get the sketchy
  • Text. Select Block number, by going to the dot shown at the top right.

There is more to discuss, but these are some important options that I have discussed above. If you need to update the application, tap on settings then tap on About Messages. If you see the update is available you can download it.