Samsung One UI 4.1 Internet Browser, here is how simple and fast it is!

Samsung Internet is a simple, clean, fast, and reliable browser for all Android users that give a good competition to Google Chrome. It comes with a range of features and security options that give you more control over the content you see.

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Based on Android 12 One UI 4.1 is currently the latest software system offered by the Korean tech giant. It comes with various new features as well as brought some improvements for Samsung Internet as well.

Let’s explore One UI 4..1 Samsung Internet.


Hide status bar

  • For easier one-handed use or convenient reading, you can hide your phone’s status bar while scrolling a webpage to get a little more screen estate and shift the address bar position down.

Page controls

  • Starting with Page controls. It might seem a small touch but having it at the bottom of the screen makes far more sense than where Chrome puts them up at the top. It’s much easier to use one-handed even on the large size Galaxy S22 Ultra.

Ad Blocker

  • Being a journalist, I know the importance of online advertising but I also can’t deny that ads are the most annoying thing that happens while browsing. Samsung Internet has a very good built-in ad-blocker that is optional and you can easily enable or disable it at any time.

Video Assistant

  • Alike every other browser, Samsung Internet also lets you watch online videos. With Video assistant, you can easily view on full screen, pop-up player, or even your linked TV. You can adjust volume or brightness with intuitive touch gesture controls.

Quick Access

  • As the name mentions, the application’s Quick Access feature saves you from searching for your favorite web address many times. You can Quick access displays shortcuts to the sites you want to visit every time you enter your browser.

Secret mode

  • Samsung browser has a Secret Mode that has an anti-tracking and biometric lock feature, which prevents websites from following you on the web and people using your phone to spy on your private browsing.


  • Samsung Internet provides a built-in language translator. Thus, letting you easily read articles or web pages in the language of your choice with the touch of a button and stay up to date on what’s happening in the world.


  • The applications allow you to bring fun and convenient mobile add-on. You just need to follow the simple steps to unlock a better browsing experience with additional features like translation, security, shopping assistant, ad blocker, and others.

User Interface and Customization

  • Samsung Internet handles dark mode very well. It darkens the page as much as possible and even makes some elements on select websites turn pitch black. This helps consume less battery life for longer web surfing.
  • However, it doesn’t support the Dynamic colors of Android 12 Material You. It means when you change the wallpaper and color palette of your phone, it will not be applied to the application. This is where Google Chrome can defeat Samsung Internet.