samsung galaxy s22

Samsung One UI 4.1 has improved Glance feature, here’s how to use

The Samsung Galaxy S series violated its authority by carrying the S Pen with the Galaxy S22 Ultra. Think about it for a moment, this is a great move that Samsung is making to the Note series.

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With the S Pen concept in the Galaxy S22 Ultra, users are encouraged to not only access night vision but also create new ways to turn night into a great platform for creativity, expanding its full potential.

samsung galaxy s22

Your S Pen gives you access to features such as screenwriting and Live messaging in the Air Command menu, perfect for sending personalized notes to friends and family. However, in this article, you will know about the Samsung S Pen Glance tool on your Galaxy S22 Ultra.

One UI 4.1-based Glance feature

The Samsung Glance is a device that flies under the radar for many S Pen users. The point is to see if you are using another app. This is a different approach to multitasking that is based on faster application switching than a neighboring multi-window.

To use this feature, open any application, remove the S Pen, and launch it at a glance. The app then compresses into a small thumbnail that can rest in any corner and stay in that minimal state while you use the rest of your phone.

When you place your S pen on this thumbnail, the app returns to its normal state and you can interact with it normally. Pull the S Pen away from the display and the app will drop back and you can interact with the rest of your phone.

To exit the glance session, drag the minimized app to the trash icon and exit the glance mode. It is an awesome feature and can work in some cases. The Notes app also works in this situation. Samsung should have done a better job of promoting the presence of this feature because it is Awesome.