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Samsung One UI 4.1: Fingerprint Recognition

Samsung has done a lot of improvement in the field of fingerprint recognition, and regular updates to its One UI ecosystem and the biometric recognizing sensors make it outstanding. Started it is a journey from providing the sensors at the home button to the middle of the top-spec touch display.

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How to Register fingerprints?

  • Open Settings
  • Tap on Biometrics and security
  • Jump on the Fingerprints
  • Move forward to set a screen lock method
  • Place your fingers on the recognition sensor provided at the bottom middle of the display, or at the home button.
  • After the device detects your fingerprint, uplift your thumb or selective finger again until the sensor recognizes the impression fully. (You are eligible to register multiple thumbs and fingerprints)
  • When you finish registering, tap on done.

You can immediately check the fingerprint, by clicking on Check added fingerprints.

Unknown aspects

Many of you might be using the fingerprint unlock feature regularly, but you do not know some of the important aspects, which I am going to tell you, let us begin with the first one.

  • Sometimes your sensor is unable to recognize your fingerprint. This is because it uses unique characteristics to recognize each fingerprint. So if two fingers seem to be identical it would not recognize any of them. So keep your fingerprint updating during a certain interval of time to utilize it properly. I am saying this because I have tried it myself.
  • The thick protection film you are using to protect your display may sometimes create a problem. Check for the compatibility level other than easily getting scratches and dust accumulated between those scratches, better to buy screen protectors from Samsung.
  • Even after applying for fingerprint protection, you cannot use it for the first time when you turn on your device. To unlock you can use only your PIN or Pattern unlock. This is done to ensure the safety of your device. I found this feature to be a caretaking one.
  • Do not change your unlock method to Swipe or None. By doing this all of your Biometric data will be lost.
  • If you face any problems after re-registering your fingerprint and still having issues with your fingerprint recognition you can reset your device.

What to do for better fingerprint recognition?

  • Check your thumb or finger whether they are clean and free from dead skin tissues
  • The scanner might not respond to small or thin fingers
  • Use the finger on the scanner, by which you often perform tasks on your smartphone
  • Make sure your fingerprint detection area is clean and scratch-free (do not keep coins and other scratchy things in your phone pocket)
  • Do not bend or keep your fingertip on the unlock scanner, instead rest whole your finger or thumb on it.

I have examined most of the difficulties which the users face during fingerprint recognition and unlocking. If you find them useful, then you should use them and if you have any questions you can share them with us.