Samsung Galaxy S22

Samsung One UI 4.1 Extra Brightness: How to use

With the launch of Galaxy S22 series Samsung conveyed us to the advanced level of technology as the smartphone comes with pro-grade capabilities including exterior visibility more enhanced display brightness and intelligent algorithms.

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For this we should thank Vision Booster and its smart Adaptive refresh rate, with this, you can enjoy bright videos and other media with good color contrast. In this way, users don’t need to add any extra effort to customize phone display brightness.

Let’s think about what will happen when you are on a super sunny day and your phone’s screen can be hard to see, even when the brightness goes up all the way… or isn’t it? On the Galaxy S22, there’s a new One UI 4.1 feature named Extra Brightness that makes the brightness even brighter!

Samsung Galaxy S22


How to maximize your phone brightness with One UI 4.1-based Extra Brightness!

Galaxy smartphone users usually prefer to use the Adaptive brightness feature which adjusts the brightness as per outer surrounding lighting. But, with One UI 4.1 Extra Brightness Samsung allows the user to go beyond your display’s default maximum brightness to help make things more understandable.

This One UI 4.1 feature is ideal for using your Samsung phone in a brightly lit environment. But, the feature is visible only when the Adaptive brightness feature is off.

Similar to every Samsung smartphone with the latest One UI version, the display features rich, vibrant colors with deep blacks. The result of all the features is that the best display experience is even better, and whether you’re scrolling through social media, watching movies, or playing a game, it’s the most immersive smartphone experience you’ll find.

How to enable Samsung One UI 4.1-based Extra Brightness?

  • Navigate to phone Settings.
  • Then tap Display.
  • Make sure the switch next to Adaptive brightness is turned off.
  • Once it’s displayed, tap the switch next to Extra brightness to turn it on.
  • Even with this feature enabled, you can still adjust the brightness from the Display settings page or from the Quick settings panel.

Note: The Extra Brightness feature only appears when Adaptive brightness is disabled.