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Samsung OLED screen Laptops are now ‘Halo Free’ certified

According to the official report, the “halo” effect from OLED screens is the result of a “fog” that occurs when the frame of the light frame appears white in a bright light image. And “Brightness” is prominent in LCD products where LCD monitors can produce real black colors.

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Recently, Samsung Display announced that OLED screens for laptops have received “Halo Free” certification from UL, a leading scientific expert for bright and sharp image quality.

They rely more on the backlight to create an image and often use “local blur”, a technology that divides the screen into areas and adjusts the backlight in certain areas to produce a deeper dark color.

Samsung OLED Display

However, where light is controlled by location and not individual pixels, “light leakage” can occur, as backlight emits an area where both bright and dark colors are visible. This causes the blurred areas to form a blurred image, which creates something called a “halo”, creating bright text.

According to an internal test on the Samsung Display with some illumination (halation), its bright OLED screen showed 0.00% halation and there was no light intensity indicator. LCD with “local dimming” Shows the intensity of the light seen during the test.

When the focus group was tested on the content of OLED display screens, no dim light was detected by Samsung Display, even when measured from both 45 angles and 60 angles.

On the other hand, in the case of LCD displays, the brightness of the light increased three to eight times from a wider viewing angle compared to direct viewing.