Samsung Odyssey Neo G8 and G7 now available to purchase in the US 

Samsung has recently announced its much-awaited Odyssey Neo G8 gaming monitor. This monitor will be made available in the US for $1499.99 later this month. Samsung has announced this wonderful monitor globally and is also known as G85NB.

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As per the info, the recently launched Odyssey G8 gaming monitor is $200 more expensive than Odyssey G7, Which will be made available to commons at $1299.99. This is the official pricing made available by Samsung Electronics.

Odyssey Neo G8: Features

  • Display – 31.5-inch Quantum Mini LED panel, with 1000R curve
  • Featuring 1196 individual zones for backlight
  • The peak brightness of 2000 nits
  • It is certified with DisplayHDR 1000
  • Two HDMI 2.1 PORT
  • One DisplayPort 1.4
  • Two USB 3.0 (Type-A) ports
  • AMD FreeSync and Nvidia G-Sync (Adaptive Synchronization Technology)

Odyssey Neo G7 gaming monitors at $1299:

Samsung will start offering the Odyssey Neo G7 as a little cost-effective alternative to the Odyssey Neo G8. News is coming out that Samsung could begin the shipping of the Odyssey Neo G7 from June 17, which is three weeks earlier than the Neo G8.

This G7 gaming monitor referred to as G75NB, shares similarities with Neo G8 in terms of features and specifications. So, you can treat Neo G7 as a younger brother to the Neo G8 gaming monitor.

Both the Gaming Monitors will be made available for shipping in the second half of June 2022, but the shipping of the Neo G8 gaming monitor could take some time and may be shipped to the customers at the starting or mid of July 2022.