Galaxy A53 Update

Samsung mid-range phones have slow system performance, what do you think?

Mid-range Samsung smartphones get lagging during normal use. Galaxy A53 users from popular online blogs started reporting Samsung Galaxy A53 (1280 Exynos processor) slowdown and shutter speed during frequent use.

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Samsung is undoubtedly the king in the low-priced smartphone market around the world because it offers a truly packed premium feel. But now, the best value of money phones lags behind the competition with Apple and Google in terms of performance.

Device delays include animation delays when scrolling the user interface and opening the camera to take a picture. Sadly write this article as it is interesting and amazing for me and those who love Samsung. This is because all the features of One UI 4.1 can be compared directly to the native Android 12 on your Pixel smartphone.

It’s absolutely not worth spending a few bucks on an additional 2MP macro camera and a 2MP depth camera sensor. In my opinion, what a Samsung phone offers isn’t the display or refresh rate, but it does it all with processor capabilities.

I’m a budget phone buyer who always buys medium-sized phones and wants longevity and strong performance. Consider some of the features you need to be productive when buying a phone. Providing 5G capabilities does not impress the buyer deeply.

Galaxy A53

Nowadays, people want to use what they have invested in, so they keep their mobile phones for a long time. The company limits processor performance by mobile phone class and segment, underestimates it, sets price limits, and makes individual profits for each segment, which smartphone companies care about and are optimal. I think it is better not to optimize it. Please limit every time. Currently, I’m dreaming about when the latest One UI 5 will come out.