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Samsung looking to rival iPhone A-series chips with custom designs and TSMC fabrication

Samsung smartphone manager Roh Tae-moon said at a town hall meeting on April 7, 2022, “we’re making a unique AP for the Galaxy”. Striving for custom silicon chips Samsung is confident that it can beat Apple not simply by customizing the chip, but by putting performance first.

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MacRumors reports that Samsung and Oppo plan to switch from a custom silicone chip to Apple’s A-series chips in the iPhone competition.

Oppo is also planning to launch its custom application processor manufactured with TSMC’s 6nm process, in 2023. Followed by integrating an AP and a Modem further with a 4nm process in 2024.

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These chips may be comparable to the leading and advanced chip producers Qualcomm and Mediatek. Manufacturing these advanced new chips they have to fight the GPS issues and the poor thermal performance.

If Samsung wants to be the world leader in chip manufacturing it needs to do its own custom optimizations. The company needs to develop new techniques for creating minimalistic substrates which consume less power and work effectively on GPS, GOS, and APs in accordance with users’ usage limits.

On the other side, Xiaomi is also pledging a war of life and death against Apple and this could be seen by the efforts they are putting into manufacturing world-class and premium smartphones such as Xiaomi 11i 5G and 11i HyperCharge 5G.

However, this could be false that Samsung is competing with Apple because Samsung’s legacy is a little different from that of Apple. It cares for the people and cares for the world, as they are making affordable as well as premium smartphones for each and every pocket, even down the line. Though Apple also has its own premium customer base.

People value performance along with new, useful, and tech-savvy features. However, Cost remains a major concern.