samsung one ui privacy feature

Samsung leads more data transparency with One UI 5.0 security and privacy dashboard

When it comes to data transparency Samsung comes at the top, the Korean tech giant tries to deliver more safety to consumers. As part of the Samsung latest One UI 5.0 update, the Security and Privacy Dashboard on Galaxy devices has been upgraded to make data safety even easier to manage.

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In this connected world, data plays an important role as it affects almost everything like what we search, shop, and show up online, and it even influences the functioning of our devices. Because of this users becoming more aware of the need to protect their personal information and enhance their online experiences.

Recent research suggests that around 53% of global consumers believe that the exchange of data is important to run society smoothly. And approx 47% of users are happy to share data with businesses in exchange for a clear benefit as the users can decide who sees their data and how it gets used.

samsung one ui privacy feature

With One UI 5.0, Samsung merged the security and privacy protection menus into one, users can view all the security-related information in one place. As the Dashboard can show the safety status of security items and let them quickly change settings and help them manage risks more seamlessly.

To make data transparency more stable Samsung One UI 5.0 security and privacy dashboard also offers four important permissions that help users reclaim their data sharing with just a few quick clicks on their Galaxy devices.

  • Managing ads with ease
  • Control microphone and camera permissions
  • Manage location-based services easily
  • Keep your app preferences up to date