Thursday, December 1, 2022

Samsung launched MX-T40B and MX-T50B new portable sound towers

Samsung is betting again on innovation and expanding its lineup with the launch of the MX-T40B and MX-T50B sound towers, the two new sound towers stand out for their integrated batteries, making them 100% portable and allowing users to take their music with them. anywhere. The sound on these devices is bi-directional, with the T50B model delivering 240W of power and the T40B delivering 160W, creating a wider sound space that fills each end of the room for a more powerful experience.

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Benefitting long battery life, the T50B model can play for up to 18 hours on a full charge, while the T40B model can play for up to 12 hours. In addition, there is an LED indicator light on the top of both sound towers, allowing users to check the battery status at any time.

In addition to high-powered speakers, they are also versatile products that can be connected to a wide variety of devices thanks to their Bluetooth multi-connectivity. With this connection, users will be able to connect two phones together, enable group playback and stereo functionality, and connect multiple Samsung sound towers via a single cable or wirelessly.

With IPX5 certification, the MX-T40B and MX-T50B models are waterproof from any angle and can handle all weather conditions. The new Sound Tower T40B and T50B are available for a price of $135,999 and $184,999 respectively on Samsung e-Store or over 20 official stores, retailers, and carriers across the country.


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