samsung galaxy s22

Samsung Good Lock 2022 ‘Edge Touch’ 

You can customize your Galaxy smartphone in many ways, but Samsung Good Lock allows you to customize it in a better way. Good Lock is a series of applications that allow you to customize the home screen, lock screen, notification panel, keyboard, as well as sound controller, and edges in detail.

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Samsung Edge Touch is a GoodLock module that automatically releases some touches to prevent unnecessary edits when you have a phone. You can choose areas that you do not want to work on if you accidentally touch the theme and customize it to your liking.

Smartphone users need to understand how it feels when things happen unintentionally, such as unwittingly calling someone or sending a random unreadable message to someone close to them. This is the advantage of a touchscreen phone.

The Samsung Good Lock Edge Touch module can help solve this problem. You can set an area that does not work when tap and swipe are activated. Most importantly, this application works in both portrait and landscape screen orientations.

This application is not used with select and activates menus. You can therefore set the width and height of the edge area, although there are certain limitations that the application sets. You can also name a custom Edge area so you can activate it with one click whenever you want.

samsung galaxy s22


Samsung Good Lock Edge Touch

Insensitive Zone

You can adjust the insensitive zone, the content on the insensitive zone won’t be allowed to touch.

  • X-Direction
  • Y-Direction

After adjusting the insensitive zone, the user can test the grip zone by touching the screen.

Grip Zone

EdgeTouch also helps you to customize the grip zone to those content where the grip zone won’t be touched when the phone is held.

Edge Touch

Good Lock EdgeTouch customizes the Edge zone which is a restricted touch zone to prevent unintended screen touch.

How to set Edge Zones?

  • Launch Edge Touch via Good Lock.
  • The Add Edge Zone menu is displayed.
  • You can adjust the blocking area by sliding the knob (white circle with a 4-way arrow) horizontally and vertically.
  • Assigned to adjust the grip area.
  • Repeat the same process to adjust the blocking and grip areas for landscape screen orientation.