Samsung Galaxy watch 4

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 gets new YouTube Music Tile feature by Google

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 set an appropriate level of smartwatch features in the market, that help lead and attract the customers a lot. In a recent development, Google is rolling out a new feature for your Galaxy Watch to make it more innovative.

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The new feature that Google started releasing is the Tile for the Youtube Music application, which seems pretty useful for you while operating your Samsung smartwatch, it mainly comes for the device running over Wear OS 3.

Samsung Galaxy watch 4

The new Tile is useful for easy operating music on your Galaxy Watch 4, it offers a shortcut beside the watch home. It helps to show recently played music or albums with artist names. Can easily resume playing the music and also open the app by clicking the browse button.

So far playing on YouTube Music, the chip shows the current song while clicking on that tile opens the music controls in the app. Previously, YouTube could not download audio tracks for offline playback. More apps are now emerging in the Google Play Store for Wear OS smartwatches.

Google is always there to maximize the pace of development for Wear OS, and we can expect that the Samsung smartwatch will bear more new features in the future.