Samsung Galaxy S23 Expert RAW photo editing | One UI 5.1 Battery Widget | Watch 5 camera controller

Flagship Samsung smartphones use Adobe Lightroom to edit Expert RAW pictures. Meanwhile, the company has further expanded its collaboration with Adobe for the new Samsung Galaxy S23 smartphones, making Expert RAW photo editing easier than ever.

CNET has exclusively reported that Samsung and Adobe have partnered to simplify the difficulties of advanced smartphone photography on Galaxy S23 series phones. These devices use Adobe Lightroom software to manage the Raw format images preferred by professionals and enthusiasts.

Compared to the plain JPEG and HEIC image-saving formats that most of us use, RAW format photos offer higher image quality and more editing flexibility when you’re messing with exposure, color balance, sharpness, and other factors. However, they take up some extra space on your phone.

Samsung S23 photo editing

But the problem is that raw files are difficult to handle, which is why Samsung and Adobe collaborated. Once you capture a photo using the Samsung Expert Raw camera app on your Galaxy S23, you can open it directly in Adobe Lightroom with a single tap and start editing it effortlessly.

It is worth mentioning that Adobe Lightroom does not come pre-installed on any of the Galaxy S23 phones. However, a prompt will force you to install the application so that you can take advantage of this collaboration and edit your pictures easily.

Samsung S23 photo editing

Once you install this application, it will become the default picture editing tool for your RAW format pictures. Lightroom can correct optical problems like distortion with specific lenses, and the companies’ partnership offers lens correction for all Galaxy S23 cameras, front and rear. For your information, you can use the phone version of Lightroom for free, but a per-month subscription of $10 will unlock some extra features to let you add more advancements to your pictures.

Similar to the Galaxy S23 series, One UI 5.1 software is also an epic creation by Samsung. It loads plenty of exciting features, which can also be experienced without purchasing a Galaxy S23 smartphone. Everything apart, the most awaited Battery Status Widget feature is finally available on the One UI 5.1!

One UI 5.1 version’s new Battery Status Widget feature has two different options and both look wonderful on the screen. You may have been wondering about the availability of these widgets. We guess the company won’t make you wait for long to get this One UI 5.1 upgrade.

The first widget option displays the battery status of the smartphone and connected devices in 4×1 format using circles. The second battery widget looks quite similar to the One UI 5’s Smart Suggestions widget. It brings a rectangular shape and showcases battery status with a green bar.

Samsung is rolling out the February 2023 software update for the Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 5 smartwatches in the US, bringing some new features including body composition and the One UI 5.1 camera controller. The feature-packed Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch 5 update is rolling out for the US customers operating Verizon carrier.
Samsung has been offering the ability to control smartphone cameras from smartwatches for a long. Meanwhile, the One UI 5.1 Camera controller feature will let customers remotely zoom the camera by pinching in or out the watch’s screen or through the rotating bezel.

Currently, you won’t be able to use this feature as Samsung mentioned that it will only work with One UI 5.1 software or later. You can have hands-on this feature once your Galaxy phone will receive the One UI 5.1 update.