Samsung Galaxy Note 10 not detecting S Pen after May security update

Samsung has already declined to ship the new range of Note models, but the Note heir models are among the best notable in the smartphone market. The holder still wants his successor. Meanwhile, the company’s inattention undermined its performance.

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Also, Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus series users recently got the May 2022 security update. Despite bringing improvements and vulnerabilities, it has brought an annoying problem to the users.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 smartphone started overheating while normal usage and at the time of charging too. Additionally, the S Pen hasn’t supported the device. What exactly happens is the S Pen is not detected after inserting it into the smartphone for connection.

Screenshot_20220601-114836_Air command_65257_1654064316.jpg

This problem is so annoying for the users, and for getting rid of this they are planning to purchase a new S Pen too. Moreover, below you can check some precautions to get resolve it.




  1. Setting
    • Apps
    • Tap On 3 dots
    • Reset app preferences
  1. Settings
    1. Device Care
    2. Battery
    3. Background usage Limite
    4. Deep sleeping apps
    5. Select all apps
  1. Settings
  2. Apps
  3. Android system Web view
  4. Tap on 3 dots
  5. Uninstall update

Now update all the applications.

Hope this may help you to get rid of this issue, or Samsung will resolve it in the upcoming update.

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