Galaxy Book 2 pro

Samsung Galaxy Book 2 Pro provides you wonderful experience in every aspect 

At MWC 2022 event, Samsung launched Galaxy Book 2 Pro series which comes with all the latest yet flagship-grade capabilities. With Samsung Galaxy Book 2 Pro, the company has made sure to bring a range of powerful ecosystem and productivity features.

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Samsung Galaxy Book 2 Pro has a Second screen, Multi control, and Link to Windows like many other features. Its’s Second screen feature super-charges your workflow regardless of the task. It lets you transform your Galaxy tablet into an additional display for your Galaxy Book 2 Pro series.

With this double screen feature, you can also use Duplicate Mode for more precise editing of the document on your tablet or Extended Mode for full-screen support and total control on two screens at once.

  • To do so firstly open the Second screen from your tablet’s Quick Panel then select your tablet in the Second screen app on your Galaxy Book2 Pro series PC.

Galaxy Book 2 pro

Link to Windows with Phone

The link to window feature extends your Galaxy phone experience to your PC. It gives you access to smartphone apps on your PC, even if you don’t have the app installed on your laptop. You can launch up to five Android apps at once on your PC screen to extend the benefits of your Galaxy smartphone to your PC.

Additionally, the new Recent Apps functionality on the Galaxy Book 2 Pro series also lets you access your most-recently-used smartphone apps with just a click from your Windows 11 taskbar.

It also allows you to send and receive messages and even calls right from your PC to provide you with more seamless working experiences.

  • To do so Launch the Phone Link app on your Galaxy Book2 Pro series and visit the Apps menu.

Control Your Devices More Seamlessly With Multi control

Samsung is making your inter-device experiences so much easier with Multi control feature. This functionality lets you use your Galaxy Book 2 Pro series keyboard and trackpad for your Galaxy Tab S8 screen.

  • To do so Enable Multi control on both devices to be able to move your cursor freely between the two devices’ screens. Galaxy Book 2 Pro’s Multi control feature further allows you to easily copy and paste text and images across devices, and even allows you to drag and drop Gallery photos or files across your devices.