Thursday, December 1, 2022

Samsung Exynos SoC for Galaxy S25 series may be built on improved version of 2nm node

The Samsung Galaxy S23 will launch in early 2023, but some smart leakers are already talking about the Galaxy S25 series hardware in 2025.

New information reveals that the Samsung Galaxy S25 Exynos chipset will feature nine CPU cores, four Cortex-X cores, and more advanced technologies.

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Moreover, the company plans to make a comeback in 2025 with a new mobile processor built specifically for Galaxy devices. Samsung has reportedly assembled a “dream team” for the job.

The revealer says that the Samsung Galaxy S25 series’ Exynos chipset will use a tri-cluster, nine-core CPU in a 4-4-1 configuration with four Cortex-X cores, four Cortex-A7xx cores, and one Cortex-A5xx core.

A single Cortex-A5xx core will handle background tasks such as powering the AoD. The entire Cortex-X core will be dedicated to One UI and GoS, while the remaining cores will be used for everyday tasks, gaming, and other workloads.

As for the GPU, expect to see an RDNA 3 GPU with 8 CUs, making it faster than the iGPU on the Ryzen 7000 processor. If it’s ready in time, it will almost certainly be built on Samsung’s 3GAP or even an improved version of the 2nm node.


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