Samsung expands its health system by providing more connected services

Ahead of its Samsung Developer Conference 2022, Samsung Electronics has launched a series of new tools that will help developers and the community to develop healthy and safe habits for consumers around the world.

These tools include the Samsung Premium Health SDK for select partners, a pre-fall detection API to support user safety, Samsung’s new end-to-end research solution for education, clinical, and healthcare programmers, and partner access through Health Connect.

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Samsung partners with industry leaders to develop personalized healthcare services. Safety is one of its areas of focus, and the partnership will provide new preventive tools to make roads safer by detecting early signs of drivers.

For example, Samsung has worked with Tobii, a global leader in eye-tracking and attention computing, and is developing software to monitor drowsiness. If users use these technologies, Samsung’s unique health software SDK enables Tobii to sense the heart rate in a real-time manner, which the watch’s sensors capture and process to determine the user’s level of drowsiness.

Recently, Harman, a leader in connected car technology, audio innovations, and IoT solutions, also introduced Ready Care, an integrated sensor system inside the vehicle’s cabin, providing solutions designed specifically for driver safety and comfort.

The API provided by Health Services allows developers and third parties to use the powerful sensors and algorithms on the Galaxy Watch to provide more accurate and advanced health services. Samsung is introducing a new API to its ecosystem that provides adjustable sensitivity to pre-detect potential falls for enhanced deterrence.

Moreover, Samsung also provides an open source project that provides an end-to-end solution combining SDK, backend, and portal for various health applications. This comprehensive suite of healthcare tools supports research and clinical trials, starting with developers, by providing cutting-edge insights into Galaxy Watch and wearables.


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