Samsung Electronics assigning participants for ‘SCPC 2022’

As per the new information, Samsung Electronics is currently enrolling participants for the SCPC 2022. Better known as the Samsung Electronics Collegiate Programming Cup. This is the Samsung Electronics University Student Programming Contest that Samsung has been running since 2015.

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The company is doing this to expand its software ecosystem and discover outstanding talents amongst the young students. A graduation completed student can take part in the programming contest and can apply through the Codeground site between June 14 to July 12, 2022. This is the date for preliminary rounds.

The other two successive rounds will take place in July and August 2022. The students will be competing for the final round in September 2022. Let me tell you there is no need to go anywhere because all the schedules of the contest will take place through the online medium.

This Samsung software contest is so vast for the college-going students in terms of prize money and no. of participants. The final winner of the contest will be given prize money of KRW 100 million.

Till now Samsung Electronics have nurtured over 251 winners that are further contributing to bringing out more software talents. The Code Ground facilitates the student to use algorithm techniques, data structure, and previous contest questions, which is a real-time code site from Samsung.