Samsung device list that support calls over 5G network [Vo5G/VoNR]

Technology is expanding day by day and in that 5G is the latest era of mobile network technology, which is making its reach to more countries gradually. The Galaxy S10 5G was Samsung’s first 5G smartphone, while there are a lot of Galaxy models available in the market with the latest network tech.

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The 5G network providers are working hard to start the calling functionality as the 5G network is currently being used for data transfer purposes. It’s worth mentioning that the world’s first phone call on the 5G network was done by the Galaxy S22 smartphone, as claimed by Zain Kuwait.

Further, T-Mobile unveiled the Vo5G/VoNR technology that introduces a calling service for the 5G network capable smartphones. The US carrier has also used Samsung Galaxy S21 series devices for voice calls service trial over the 5G network.

Now the service will be deployed in various markets gradually with the time, where 5G network testing is underway or concluded. At the same time, more Samsung and non-Samsung devices will join the party with Vo5G AKA VoNR capability in the near future.

List of Samsung devices that support calls over the 5G network:

 Zain Kuwait

  • Galaxy S22 Series 
      • Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G
      • Galaxy S22 Plus 5G
      • Galaxy S22 5G

T-Mobile US

  • Galaxy S21 Series 
      • Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G
      • Galaxy S21 Plus 5G
      • Galaxy S21 5G