Samsung could defeat TSMC in 3nm chip competition

TSMC the world’s largest manufacturer of semiconductor foundry will begin developing a semiconductor 1.4-nanometer nm. It is analyzed as a strategy not to lose leadership in the tech competition as well as the performance of rival founders Samsung Electronics and Intel.

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The report indicates that TSMC plans to convert the R&D team of the 3nm process into a 1.4nm development team and use it officially from next month. TSMC is very likely to lose to Samsung Electronics in the first 3nm competition.

According to new information, Samsung Electronics has recently announced plans to produce 3-nano semiconductors in the first half of this year and TSMC in the second half. Intel, which arrived late at the foundry, annoys TSMC by launching a 2nm process in early 2024 and a 1.8nm process in the second half of 2024.

As a result, the TSMC is refining its leadership by building a 1nm first phase process. And the Chinese media Qulali Kerji said, “The production of TSMC’s 2-nano is scheduled for testing by 2024, so bulk production will be by 2026.

TSMC has been competing fiercely with Samsung Electronics for 5nm and less, with Intel also competing in this battle, but defeating their rivals in terms of performance. Further TSMC is ranked with 52.1% of the market share established (based on sales) in the fourth quarter of last year, followed by Samsung Electronics with 18.3% and second place.

An industry official said, “TSMC benefits greatly when orders are being delayed by companies setting up during shortages of semiconductors.”