Samsung could bring Enhanced Photo Picker for Galaxy users with Android 13 One UI 5.0

As the Android 13 has arrived with the all-new enhanced features, customization options, and much more One of them is an Enhanced Photo Picker this feature provides more controls over the files that can be accessed by different apps. There are now different categories for Files and media, Photos and videos, and Music and audio.

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As per the information, Android 13 Enhanced Photo Picker is getting highlighted and being loved by beta users. And Samsung which is one of the top smartphone tech giants, we expect it to bring this wonderful feature with One UI 5.0 for their Galaxy device owners.

Enhanced Photo Picker will allow users to select specific files to share with different apps, as opposed to an ‘all-or-nothing’ method. It includes both local and cloud-stored photos without apps needing additional permissions for media access on your device.

Further, this new photo picker will provide a browsable, searchable interface that will present the user with their media library, sorted by date (from newest to oldest). Users can specify that they should see only photos or only videos.

This is a standard and optimized way for users to share their files securely. It will surely help protect the photo and video privacy of users. The maximum number of media selections allowed by default is set to 1, however, you can change it.