Samsung CamCyclopedia added more new content guides for Lens, Moiré, and more

Samsung CamCyclopedia, a useful pack of camera features, now adds new content guides for lenses, moiré, Nitography, and more to the “Samsung Galaxy Camera Ecosystem”. New additions include details on key aspects and capabilities of the camera.

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Lenses that are the eyes of the camera have been added as new to the Camcyclopedia guide. The service will now provide helpful guides on what’s going on behind the scenes each time you take a photo and how to make it even better.


The Galaxy S22 series of smartphones introduce a Nightography feature, allowing users to take epic photos in dark conditions like nighttime and low-light environments.


You may have noticed vertical/horizontal lines when your phone recorded what was displayed on the TV or monitor screen in your room. To this end, Samsung has added important information so that users can better understand the event.

Samsung Galaxy Camera Ecosystem

Samsung seems to be serious about expanding the Galaxy’s camera development ecosystem to Android camera app developers and users. Via a Camcyclopedia post, the company confirmed that it will be announcing various accessories at Samsung’s software developer conference tomorrow, which will include

  • Android camera API
  • Contribution of new features in Android 13
  • Provision of extended functions through Camera Extensions
  • Samsung Camera SDK
  • Video call effect functions

Here are the direct links to get access to newly added contents: