Samsung America introduced new digital Avatar ‘SAM’ to become expert advisor

SAM is Samsung‘s new digital avatar that will be featured on the company’s digital channels, social media, online store, and forums constantly showing new opportunities and innovations for consumers to use all Samsung products to simplify their lives, giving them the best of the best. Allows selecting Samsung compatible devices.

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Back in 2021, it was a product training facilitator, now Samsung SAM will accelerate the aspirational life-based Galaxy product brand that highlights the company’s openness to innovation and guides consumers to an exciting fully connected lifestyle.

SAM’s debut will be a new marketing strategy that will be available on digital channels across Latin America, including Mexico, Argentina, and more.

Samsung’s first regional Latin American advertising campaign for the SmartThings application, SAM will first launch the Galaxy S22 connection alongside the new The Freestyle. In addition, SAM will continue to test several of Samsung’s connected products as the campaign progresses.

Samsung’s Multi-Device Experience is an integrated Galaxy ecosystem that includes mobile phones, tablets, wearables, and more Galaxy products. These online devices provide integrated solutions that make life easier for consumers everywhere and anywhere, all controlled by the SmartThings app.

Samsung digital expert ‘SAM’ will show you how easy and amazing it is to have the Samsung multi-device experience in your life. She will support, advise and help consumers choose the best Samsung product.
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