Samsung 837X lets you create your own unique world, here’s how

Samsung has officially declared that they have updated their Metaverse Hangouts 837X to include a new “Custom Search” that allows visitors to create their own NFTs. Released in January, it was intended to be a “brand land takeover” in the blockchain-based Decentraland metaverse.

Since January, nearly 120,000 fans have visited the overwhelming virtual world of Descentrand in New York’s flagship store. Samsung 837X delivers a unique experience that combines technology and culture in an innovative way to connect people.

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What’s new in the Samsung 837X?

Starting today at 8:37 pm EDT, Samsung 837X guests can choose and personalize their experiences with You Make It, the latest personalization-focused innovation. A creative hub that transcends digital and physical space, the 837X is now the place to “choose your own journey.”

The first 20,000 visitors who complete You Make It will receive a unique NFT-formatted artwork, and all visitors “open up a way to earn NFT badges to add to your growing 837X collection.” NFT will be unveiled for the first time during the week of March 28 and will be shared or broadcast during this period.

So what are you waiting for?

If you are new to the metaverse, check out this handy guide to learn more about the Samsung 837X and join our community. In the Samsung 837X, you can not wait to show what’s to come and show your design spirit.