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Samsung 2022 TV models receive Carbon Reduction Certification

Samsung Electronics recently revealed that it has been certified to reduce carbon for its future decarbonization efforts. A global agency called the Carbon Trust is on a mission to reduce Green House Gases.

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Samsung has continued its efforts to produce the most advanced and sustainable TVs with its vision to become environmentally friendly. Being the leading and innovative manufacturer for the past 16 years working on carbon reduction technology and recently established a standard.

Samsung 2022 TVs have a total of 11 models, including one Neo QLED 8K, three Neo QLED 4K models, two QLED models, two Lifestyle TVs, and one UHD TV model.

Samsung Neo

They achieved the reward in a category for reducing the weight and energy consumption of televisions. Samsung is not only committed to product innovation but fully responsible for shaping and implementing sustainable technologies for the environment, and it really means it.

Carbon Reduction:

Carbon reduction is an effort to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. This means reducing the greenhouse gases that make up the majority of water vapor directly. These gases are released during the manufacturing process.

Carbon reduction is a step-by-step process that requires a lot of effort and measurable precautions to do so. Greenhouse gas emissions during the product life cycle need to be reduced. Most importantly, it meets internationally recognized standards.

To reduce carbon dioxide emissions, Samsung’s visual display units aim to recycle 30% of plastic for screen products and new TVs. A few days ago, Samsung discussed a strategy to recycle unused plastic and move to less plastic packaging.

This is going to create a lot of difference in product cost because the major portion is already invested in ink, paper, staples, and plastic required for packaging. Samsung is soon going to expand more recycled products in the coming days.