Quick camera test of Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra [San Francisco]

At the time of launching the Galaxy S23 Ultra, Samsung said that this smartphone will “offer the best camera experience supported by the highest performance yet.” And absolutely, the company’s claim is true, the Galaxy S23 Ultra ends the need to keep a high-profile camera for photography.

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Nowadays, people are widely creating daily vlogs, short movies (YouTube Shorts/Instagram Reels), and videos using a smartphone. If you want to buy a powerful camera phone, this quick test (with samples) will convince you not to overthink owning the S23 Ultra.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Camera Test:

The quick camera test of Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra includes a 200MP resolution camera along with a wide range of shooting options, including wide angle, ultra-wide angle, and even telephotography, using three types of primary rear lenses and the 3x optical zoom Telephoto Camera.

All rear camera sensors shoot and create unique images, capturing different vibes in various conditions and settings. This excellent camera system becomes more fruitful with the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s 6.8-inch screen, displaying crispness and diverse features.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Camera Specs

Thanks to the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s powerful 200 MP camera, amateur or experienced photographers can perfectly capture the unique vibes of the downtown area(Location: Lombard Street, San Francisco). Thanks to the 30x zoom feature, Coit Tower which is miles away seems just a short distance away on the Galaxy S23 Ultra.

From just beyond the intersection of California Street sits the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge. The Galaxy S23 Ultra captured the different moods of this scene vibrantly using different angles of view and lenses, all with just a touch of a button.

Left to Right: Ultra-wide, Wide-angle, Telephoto

Equipped with Dual Pixel technology, the Ultra-Wide Camera and the Telephoto Camera of the Galaxy S23 Ultra secured high-resolution images in 12MP and 10MP, respectively, with natural focusing to capture backgrounds smoothly and clearly.

With Super Quad Pixel technology, shoot images with pin-sharp resolution easily thanks to enhanced autofocus functionality. Additionally, the 200MP Wide Camera provides stunning image quality on a soft background with an F1.7 aperture module.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Camera

The Galaxy S23 Ultra comes with an improved Adaptive Pixel sensor. Depending on the characteristics and brightness of the landscape you want to capture, the resolution automatically changes to 200MP, 50MP or 12MP. On a sunny day, easily experience the clarity and vibrance of 200MP ultra-high resolution.

Captured with 200MP mode, cropped

The brilliance of 200MP can be experienced when zooming in on a photo or video. In many cases when you zoom in on an original photo or video to crop it, you will end up with broken image pixels. Thanks to the high-res pixels of the S23 Ultra, the details are crisp and clear even when users crop the image.

Shot by S23 Ultra at 200MP, cropped

This feature comes in handy, especially when using the Space Zoom feature, which enables up to 100x zoom. The Galaxy S23 Ultra captured the craters of the moon in detail thanks to the OIS feature and Space Zoom, minimizing even the slightest movements that could ruin the picture.

Moon Shot – 100x Space Zoom

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