Qualcomm ends partnership with Iridium for two-way satellite connectivity

Qualcomm which is the popular semiconductor giant has ended its partnership with the satellite communications company Iridium for two-way satellite connectivity. However, the companies successfully developed and demonstrated the technology.

But the smartphone makers have not included the technology in their devices and this led Qualcomm to end the agreement. The move comes as major players pursue the nascent market to connect unmodified phones directly to satellites.

Iridium previously announced that it entered into agreements with Qualcomm to enable satellite messaging and emergency services in smartphones powered by Snapdragon Mobile Platforms using Iridium’s satellite network. But mow it all stops here and will not be continued.

Qualcomm further said in a statement that smartphone makers have “indicated a preference towards standards-based solutions” for satellite-to-phone connectivity.

  • We expect to continue to collaborate with Iridium on standards-based solutions while discontinuing efforts on the proprietary solution that was introduced earlier this year,” the company said.

Whereas, Iridium noted in its release that the end of its agreement with Qualcomm allows it to re-engage with others who are working on satellite-to-cell projects. Iridium said the end of the agreements does not affect its full-year 2023 financial guidance.


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