One UI 7
One UI 7

One UI 7: Borrowing beauty from the Watch, boosting security on your phone with One UI 6.1

In Short:

  • Samsung’s upcoming One UI 7 for Galaxy phones (based on Android 15) might borrow a smoother UI experience from One UI 6 Watch.
  • One UI 6.1 on your Samsung phone already offers several features to enhance security, including App Protection, Auto Blocker, Maintenance Mode, and Pin App.

A Streamlined Interface for Galaxy Phones

The next iteration of Samsung’s user interface, One UI 7, is expected to arrive alongside Android 15 later this year. Rumors suggest it might borrow some design tweaks from One UI 6 Watch, the interface designed for Samsung’s Wear OS 5 smartwatches. While the core focus of One UI 6 Watch is on improved health tracking, it also introduced welcome enhancements to the user interface. These include smoother scrolling, better responsiveness of the always-on display (AOD), easier access to app tiles, and visually refreshed widgets.

It’s important to remember that this is based on speculation, but Samsung does have a history of incorporating successful features from one generation into the next. So, there’s a good chance we’ll see some of the user experience improvements from One UI 6 Watch make their way to One UI 7 on Galaxy phones.

Keeping Your Samsung Phone Secure

In today’s digital world, protecting your smartphone from malicious software and data breaches is paramount. Samsung is constantly innovating with new software features to enhance the security of its Galaxy devices. Here are four key features available in One UI 6.1 that can significantly improve your phone’s security:

  1. Samsung Knox: This multi-layered security platform forms the foundation of Galaxy device security. It isolates sensitive data like passwords and PINs, creating a strong barrier against hacking and data theft.

  2. App Protection: This feature scans your device to identify and eliminate potential threats from malware and viruses. It automatically scans all applications and files, saving you the hassle of manual checks. You can easily activate App Protection by navigating to Settings > Device Care > App Protection and toggling it on.

  3. Auto Blocker: This feature safeguards your privacy by preventing app downloads from untrusted sources without your confirmation. It also blocks unauthorized commands from entering your device via the USB port. To enable Auto Blocker, go to Settings > Security and Privacy > Auto Blocker and activate the toggle switch.

  4. Maintenance Mode: This unique feature protects your personal data during phone repairs. When activated, service technicians can access essential phone functions without compromising your information. Maintenance Mode also ensures that user-installed apps remain untouched. Any data or accounts created while in this mode are automatically deleted upon deactivation. To activate Maintenance Mode, open Settings on your device, tap on Device Care, select Maintenance Mode, turn on the feature, and then restart your device.

  5. Pin App: Sharing your phone to show photos or videos can sometimes lead to unintended privacy breaches. Samsung’s “Pin App” feature prevents such mishaps. It allows you to lock a single app onto the screen, restricting access to other apps and protecting notification content from prying eyes. To activate Pin App, go to Settings > Security and Privacy > More Security Settings. Turn on the “Pin App” option, then follow the on-screen instructions to select the desired app and lock it in place.

By leveraging these built-in security features on your Samsung phone running One UI 6.1, you can significantly enhance your device’s protection and safeguard your valuable data.

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