One UI 4.1 based Samsung DeX, here’s how to use

With the help of Samsung DeX you can use your smartphone as a connecting device to the computer or to an external display, such as a TV or monitor.

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This feature is used to accomplish the task that you want to do with your smartphone quickly and easily. It facilitates you with a large screen view and enables you to do your work with a keyboard and mouse.

How to do wireless connection using Samsung DeX?

  • Open the smartphone, slide the notification panel down
  • Tap to round DeX icon on it, and start now
  • Alongside this Tap DeX on TV or monitor or DeX on PC
  • Select a TV or a computer from the detected device list and tap Start now ( The computer or TV, and the smartphone must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network, and make sure the Samsung DeX app must be running on it)
  • Accept the connection request that is appearing on the screen in front of you
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the connection request

Before connecting you should keep certain things in mind. First is that you should always use the Samsung recommended TV that is released after 2019. Secondly, make sure that screen mirroring is supported on the TV by which you are trying to connect your smartphone.

Controlling with an external keyboard or mouse?

As a user, you are eligible to use a wireless keyboard or mouse. You can set the mouse pointer to flow from the external display to the smartphone screen.

  • Launch Settings
  • Select Samsung DeX
  • Opt Mouse and Trackpad
  • Then Select the Flow pointer to the phone screen.
  • How to use your smartphone as a touchpad?
  • Tap on the navigation bar

How to use your smartphone as a touchpad?

  • Tap on the navigation bar
  • Now, if you have set your phone to use the swipe gesture you can use it with the touchpad
  • If you double-tap on the touchpad, you can view the gestures, which you can use with the touchpad

If your phone has the front cover, remove and use it, otherwise, the gestures will not work properly. If your smartphone screen turns off, press the side key and double-tap the screen to turn on it again. The same operation can also be performed by connecting the devices with an HDMI cable.