New patent reveals dual-UDC technology for Samsung smartphones

It seems that Samsung is not satisfied with just having an under-display camera on its Galaxy Z Fold 3 smartphone, and is instead working on developing dual-UDC technology for future Galaxy smartphones.

Samsung filed a new patent in KIPRIS (Korea Intellectual Property Rights Information Service) that describes the new dual-UDC technology in March 2021 while Dutch publication GalaxyClub published it last week.

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According to the patent, Samsung’s Dual-UDC technology uses two cameras to simultaneously scan your face from two different angles. It is believed to make facial recognition more secure and accurate as it captures your face more deeply.

Samsung dual-UDC smartphone

Furthermore, the patent document also mentions that the dual-udc setup will be able to measure the user’s iris for better biometric security. Samsung will use this as a verification tool since our pupils change shape depending on the light.

The new technology will change the brightness of the screen to determine how students respond so that others can’t unlock their phone through your photo, giving customers a more secure facial unlock.

Samsung dual-UDC smartphone

Samsung Dual-UDC coming to smartphones:

This is the first time that Samsung has introduced under-display camera technology in its Galaxy Z Fold 3 phone. The company is also planning to bring this feature to its Galaxy Z Fold 4 phone and expand it to its Galaxy S series phones.

It is unlikely that the Galaxy S23 series phones will come with a UDC system when they are launched in early 2023, but it is possible that the Galaxy S24 Ultra will come with this technology in 2024.

Dual-UDC, on the other hand, is too far-fetched to reach devices. At present, it cannot be said whether Samsung is actively working on it or has patented the technology for possible future use.