Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Netflix lets users log out of specific devices remotely

According to the latest report, Netflix users can log out of devices individually. For each device, you’ll see hardware, such as a smart TV or an Android phone.

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In addition to this information, the user will see the profile most recently used to view Netflix content, the last time Netflix played content on it, and an estimated location based on IP address.

Netflix users can access a new ‘Manage Access and Devices’ page on the web, iOS, and Android. Not only is this feature handy for having your friends log out of your account, but it’s also very useful if you forget to log out of your hotel smart TV while on vacation.

All you need to do is visit the “Manage Access and Devices” page from your account settings and remotely remove the specific device. Netflix previously offered an option to log out from all devices.

After removing an unrecognized device, Netflix will ask you to change your password for extra security. Additionally, users will receive new login information via email.


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