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Make quick contactless payment with Samsung Pay on Galaxy Watch 4

Samsung has developed its inovations to improve our quality of life, everything around us is gradually moving towards ‘Smart Tech‘. Be it payWave, IoT home automation, or virtual assistants, smartphones can easily control them all with Samsung smart innovation.

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There comes a time when we all like to have a friendly approach to manage things and make our daily activities easier. This is where the Galaxy Watch 4 series comes in as the ultimate tool to improve our lifestyles with ease, please, and style.

The Galaxy Watch 4 series not only keeps track of our fitness and health but inspires us to lead rich, comfortable lives. Equipped with the new One UI Watch, it connects users to intuitive information on all Galaxy devices, including smart home devices!

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Let’s get to know how to make quick contactless payment with Samsung Pay on Galaxy Watch 4!

The Galaxy Watch 4 provides easy access to users’ favorite apps. You’ll find a range of select apps from Samsung Pay to a vast library of health and fitness apps, plus anything downloaded to your smartphone that will automatically sync to your Galaxy Watch 4.

The next time you pay a restaurant bill, you might be able to impress others by simply lifting your wrist and pressing Samsung Pay to make quick payments with comfort. For every payment made by Samsung Pay, you will earn a number of Samsung Points. So, put your free payroll skills to work today, and you may be able to reap rewards you never imagined!

So, with the Galaxy Watch 4 series connection on your Galaxy devices, you can easily navigate around your Galaxy ecosystem, sync your online and offline features to benefit your wrist, and watch anytime, anywhere.