Make photos more interactive by turning on dual preview on Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4

Nowadays mobile photography has become a passion and the manufacturers like Samsung are providing so elegant camera capabilities, that the users didn’t want to go for professional cameras. And some users buy the smartphone especially because of the camera features

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Earlier this year Samsung released the Galaxy S22 series which brought another level of camera features and capabilities for users. Now a new smartphone has driven into the market and making its presence, which is named the Galaxy Z Fold 4.

According to our expectations, the Galaxy Z Fold 4 will also give users a great photography experience just like or beyond the Galaxy S22, as the device comes with 50MP camera sensor to capture every moment of your life. One of the best parts of this foldable phone photography is that you can use the dual preview mode to click your photograph.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 camera
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 camera

With this dual preview option, you can make your photograph more interactive. The Galaxy Z Fold 4 has a dual display and by enabling this feature you will be able to see the ongoing task on both the screen. It means a photographer and a person whose picture is been captured will be able to see the actions combinedly.

This feature will help many users and can be loved a lot because it happens to us several times when we pose for a picture and do not get satisfied after so many takes, and want that we could see ourselves in the camera, at this point of time many used to take pictures from the front camera.

So if you own a Galaxy Z Fold 4 then there is no worry about it, as now you will be able to see your pose your style which is going to be captured in the photograph and if do not get satisfied then you can change it before capturing the shot.

This feature will help users in taking the exact shot that they want and with less time than before. So here let’s get to know, how you will enable this feature on your Galaxy Z Fold 4 smartphone, to make your photo graph much more amazing.

How to enable dual screen preview

  • Launch the Camera app.
  • Tap on the Cover screen preview icon.
  • Turn the Cover Screen Preview on.
  • Now its done.