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How to use One UI 4.1-based Samsung Pay on your Galaxy samartphone

With the launch of the Galaxy S22, the company brings several new features with One UI 4.1, and Samsung Pay is one of them which get more personalized and enhanced app performance. Now, users can manage all of its staff just by opening Samsung Pay on their Galaxy phone.

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By the help of Samsung Pay, you don’t need to carry your wallet with all your credit or debit card. Not only does it manage, credit and debit cards, student IDs, vaccine cards, digital keys for your car, home, or office, and other cards that you can store digitally.

With One UI 4.1-based Samsung Pay, you can quickly zip passes and get to checkpoints quickly checkout. Several states in the US have already banned the requirement for businesses and government agencies to show vaccine passports. Therefore, storing them digitally makes you feel just as good as carrying the physical card you received since vaccination.

samsung pay

Moreover, Samsung Pay is really a wonderful app for any Galaxy smartphone user. It not only carries your debit card or credit card but also student IDs, digital keys, vaccine cards for your car, home, or office, and other cards that you can store digitally.

You may not even need to show your vaccine card here, at least in many other places in the states. However, it’s still a really useful app for just about anything. Think about being able to use a digital wallet to display your student ID. Change to your debit card immediately after payment. without removing any physical cards.

How to pay using Samsung Pay?

  • Open Samsung Pay.
  • Add your card (Debit or Credit card).
  • You will be prompted to select the card you want to use, and after verifying your identity, you will be asked to place the card on the back of your Samsung smartphone in front of the terminal.
  • For faster and faster payments, we recommend that you secure your device with a fingerprint, which can also be used later in the Samsung Pay app.