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How to set separate app sound on Samsung One UI 4.1

Samsung One 4.1 has a lot of features and some of them are still unknown to many users. There are many useful audio settings on the Galaxy device. You can adjust and apply features that are just right for you. It also facilitates you to play multiple Bluetooth devices or multiple apps at once.

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Now you can set the device to play media sound from a specific app on the app on the connected Bluetooth speaker or headset, for example, you can listen to the Navigation app through your device’s speaker while listening to playback from the Music app through the vehicle’s Bluetooth speaker.

How do set separate app sound on your Galaxy Smartphone?

Follow steps:

  • Open Settings
  • Select Sounds and vibration
  • Select Separate app sound
  • Tap the switch to turn on
  • Click on Select
  • Select the multimedia app you would like to hear sound from different devices then tap on Back
  • Now, select the audio device you want to use for this app. Bluetooth devices will only be shown while they are connected, then tap back

Note: separate app sound only works when the audio device selected is different from your device’s main audio output device.

How to adjust sound quality and effects?

Follow Steps:

  • Open Settings
  • Select Sounds and vibration
  • Choose Sound quality and effects
  • Now, two options are available in front of you they are Dolby Atoms and Dolby Atmos for gaming.
  • Select any one of them and toggle the switch to on.

These modes provide the user with optimized surround sound that flows all around you. Another mode is Dolby Atmos for gaming while playing. Tap the switch to turn this on. In this way, by following the above method you can enjoy this hidden feature, Separate app sound.