samsung galaxy phone

How to prevent overheating your Samsung phone 

Accessive usage of any smartphone causes the overheating of the device but that is what the smartphone loophole, as the smartphone is purchased to use and the overheating dismisses the user’s experience harshly. Likewise, the Samsung Galaxy phone performs overheating after accessive uses.

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But it not might devices fluctuate, some time is an issue due to some unwanted setting or due to not performing the setting of your smartphone. Here in this article, you will find the guide to how to prevent your smartphone from accessive overheating.

Recently, some users reive that they are stuck with overheating of Samsung Galaxy smartphones not only while charging but during normal usage, not its gone heated a lot in just some time of performance. And overheating may cause the devices low performance.

But don’t worry follow our guide to set this issue manually with some settings of your smartphone, just take precautions to avoid placing your device under these circumstances.

samsung galaxy phone

What to do if your Galaxy device generates heat while using 

  • Turn off the WiFi, GPS, and Bluetooth functions when not in use.
  • Reduce the screen brightness of your devices
  • Optimize the phone to minimize the heat caused by processor-intensive apps that drain the battery
  • Unused apps in the background may heat up the device, to resolve the issue, try background usage limits.