How to fix Camera app errors on your Samsung One UI 4.1 phones

Samsung smartphones are well famous for their camera capabilities especially the Galaxy S22 series, but sometimes we see smartphone camera won’t work, and it fails to open or operate. The time it stuck we feel annoyingly frustrating because even after trying the reopening operation for no. of times, the camera app does not open.

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So, if your device’s Camera failed, a warning appears on the screen, or your Samsung Galaxy smartphone suddenly freezes or slows down while using a Camera app. So for that today we will talk about the whole procedure, to fix this Camera app errors and problems that have most probably occurred with each one of us or might face in the future.

To fix the problem you need to troubleshoot the process. It usually happens if your smartphone is not running on the updated software version. I would like to recommend you update your device to the latest version.


How do fix your Galaxy Smartphones Camera app errors?

  • Go to Settings> Software update
  • Tap on Download and install
  • Follow the on-screen instructions
    • After updating the phone software, try to open the Camera Application, if it does not open, then move to the next step.

Reset Camera App

If you try to take pictures or videos using the Camera application it keeps crashing or the Camera failed warning appears on the screen, resetting the app may fix the problem. You need to follow the steps below.

  • Open Camera and Select Settings
  • Select Reset Settings
  • Tap Reset to reset the Camera app
    • This will help you to resolve the issue, if it does not resolve the issue

Restart your device

  • If the device the still slow or freezes even after resetting the Camera app, try force restarting your device to resolve the issue. You can do that by holding down the volume key and side key, then selecting Power off.
  • Once the screen goes blank, press and holds the Volume down key and Side key once again. When the Samsung logo appears on the screen, release both fingers from the keys.
  • By applying all these methods you can troubleshoot and rectify your camera application problem at the earliest.