Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Honor, Oppo, and Xiaomi hopes to overtake Samsung’s market share in South Africa

While Samsung is the best-known smartphone brand in South Africa, the likes of Honor, OPPO and Xiaomi have recently released flagship phones that they hope will help them compete with the South Korean giant.

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In 2022, three Chinese companies launched high-end smartphones in South Africa including the Honor Magic4 Pro, Oppo Reno8 Pro, and Mi 12. MyBroadband compared the three devices to the Samsung Galaxy S22 and S22+.

According to GlobalStats StatCounter, Samsung currently has a 48.4% mobile market share in South Africa, with Xiaomi and Oppo accounting for 2.7% and 2.4% respectively.

It’s all over the market if you only consider flagship smartphones, Samsung’s market share could be higher. Before launching flagship products, Honor, OPPO, and Xiaomi mainly focused on the budget and mid-range segment.

Notably, data provided by Telkom shows that Oppo’s premium smartphones are growing in popularity among its customers, rising from about 3% of devices on the web in September 2021 to 9% in December 2021.

Honor is the latest of the top three smartphone makers to enter South Africa and is looking to grab market share. Honor hopes to replicate Huawei’s success in the country and overtake Samsung’s market share within three device generations in roughly three years.


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